“Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act” Proposed in Ohio

children e-liquid poisoning

United States Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio recently released her proposal for a piece of legislation called the “Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act”. “Brown said the Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act would make it illegal to market e-cigarettes to children and require childproof packaging on containers of liquid nicotine or “e-juice.”   While this proposed legislation only applies to the state ... Read More »

Disposable Electronic Cigarettes – Worth It?

disposable electronic cigarette example

When finally deciding to enter the world of electronic cigarettes, new users can be overwhelmed at the number of options available. Though there are many devices to choose from, it’s likely that the very first one you’ll have easy access to is the disposable e-cig. These are the types of electronic cigarettes that can be found at gas stations and ... Read More »

Vaper Facebook Post that Caught My Eye – Wow

Now obviously this is just a firsthand account with no anecdotal evidence, but it’s interesting. We’ve all heard similar stories of smokers with respiratory problems that virtually solved them by switching to vaping. Hopefully the FDA is spending some of their over-a-quarter-of-a-billion dollars on studying e-cigarette usage by those with preexisting conditions! I would love to get his doctor’s number. Read More »

A Caution for the Precautionary Principle


  I thought the Department of Health was supposed to be overtly concerned with forming policy that is best for the overall population via the use of science and the real-world results of various products and methods of harm reduction. But apparently Dr. Gale Burstein, the County Commissioner of Health in Erie County, New York would rather just shoot from ... Read More »

What in the world is “E-Tobacco”? Let’s Not Go There

you deserve this look

More stupidity from local syndicate “news articles”: In this one, both the “journalist” and/or featured Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro seem to be completely unaware of the common vernacular used when talking about the emerging electronic cigarette industry. It’s either that, that, or they are just trying to desecrate the industry for political exposure and ad clicks. Either way, gotta love ‘em. They ... Read More »

Tay and Phil E-Liquid Review


I recently had the chance to try out Tay and Phil’s E-Liquid brand, a newer vendor from the United Kingdom. They ended up being one of the better brands I’ve tried this year, and I’m pretty excited about one of their flavors in particular.     To Those Outside the UK: Worldwide Shipping Available (And Likely Free) Tay and Phil offer worldwide ... Read More »

Mainstream Reports on Possible Vaping Black Market

black market

So the mainstream has gotten ahold of all the black market discussion going on, and they’re doing their normal vapor reporting style. Don’t really understand but do their best. Anyway, here’s the good and the bad from this US News article:   The Survey The E-Cigarette Forum did a great job with this survey, proving that their would certainly be ... Read More »

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