15 Tips to Prevent E Cigarette Fires

Best Electronic CigaretteAs more consumers are educated in electronic cigarette safety, there have been less reports of e cigarette fires. Knock on wood.

Still, there will always be newcomers into the vaping community. They need to be educated in how to properly take care of their electronic cigarette.

Some people may even be reluctant to try e cigarettes after hearing rumors about e cigs starting fires.

With all the false and misleading information spreading about electronic cigarettes lately, it is of the utmost importance that vaping journalists educate people as much as possible about e cigs.

It needs to be made clear that the incidents of e cigarette related fires are few and far between.

More importantly, each fire could have been prevented. The aim of this vaping guide is to educate you on the best methods for preventing e cigarette fires.

Does This Apply to My E Cigarette?

Best Electronic Cigarette

The batteries that combust typically resemble models like this.

The incidents involving e cigarette fires, at least the ones that we have heard about, generally involve intermediate level e cigs.

The “Cig-alike” model batteries, such as the KR-808 model, don’t seem to have this problem. So if you are vaping with brands like V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, Play Vapor, or Vaping Vamps, then you most likely won’t have a problem. I have yet to hear about one of those smaller e cigarettes causing a fire. Knock on wood. Still, the advice in this guide is good to follow anyway. You can never be too safe.

The fires also typically don’t involve the super advanced style e cigarettes, which are commonly called personal vaporizers or mods. It usually occurs while recharging the battery, so mods with replaceable batteries don’t often catch on fire either. Unless you put your mod in the microwave while heating up your dinner.

The incidents of electronic cigarette fires that have been reported are about the mid-level e cigarette. These are the e cigs that are in the same class as the popular eGo. They are considered to be advanced electronic cigarettes compared to the entry-level Cig-alikes, yet not quite as sophisticated as the mods used by vaping pros.

If you vape one of these advanced e cigarettes, there is no need for alarm. E cig fires are few and far between. They are easily preventable if you follow this vaping guide.

Here are 15 tips to prevent e cigarette fires.

1. Know Your E Cigarette Brand

The number one way to prevent fires caused by electronic cigarettes is to know the difference between high quality e cigarettes, and cheap knock-offs from somewhere overseas. Most, if not all, of the e cigarettes that were involved with fires were made by brands that weren’t too well known. Many of which were no-name knock-offs from somewhere in China.

It is very important that you only invest in e cigarettes that were manufactured by reputable brands. Make sure that it is an American brand. E cigarettes and e liquid follow certain standards when produced in the United States.

Trusted brands like Halo, Revolver, and Apollo manufacture advanced electronic cigarettes with safety features that help prevent fires, such as a function that automatically stops charging when the battery is fully charged.

Staying away from the cheap no-name brands from overseas is the largest factor in preventing e cig fires. But even if you do vape using only products by well-known brands, the following advice still applies to you.

2. Read the Instructions

Best Electronic Cigarette

Trusted brands like Revolver often include instructions for how to use your e cig properly and safely. Read the instructions!

This piece of advice is dedicated to the men who refused to stop for directions while lost. Taking a few minutes to read any instructions that came with the product could save you hours of headache later.

Instruction manuals often include information on the best way to use the product, as well as proper safety practices.

Not all electronic cigarettes come with instructions, and many of the ones that do overlook important safety precautions.

The purpose of this article is to be your e cigarette manual, as far as safety goes.

3. Don’t Hold the Button Longer Than Needed

Best Electronic Cigarette

You shouldn’t need to hold the button down for any longer than a few seconds.

You shouldn’t have to hold down the vaping button for any longer than a few seconds. Put the e cig up to your lips. Press down the button when you are about to inhale. Inhale for a few seconds. Release the button. 2-4 seconds is about average. More than 5 seconds is pushing it. There really isn’t a reason to hold it down any longer than that.

Don’t worry, even if you hold it down for longer, it is unlikely to explode. Holding the button down for too long can cause the atomizer to overheat. It would have to be held down for quite some time in order to trigger combustion. Nonetheless, you wouldn’t want to risk any part of your e cigarette overheating.

4. Don’t Let the Atomizer Overheat

As I just stated, holding down the button on your e cig long enough could cause the atomizer to overheat. It can also overheat due to frequent use in a short period of time. Kind of like “chain vaping.”

It is easy to tell when the atomizer is in danger of overheating. It will become very warm, or even hot. Generally speaking, you will feel the heat at the base of the tank, where it connects to the battery.

If it feels warm, do not be alarmed. It will happen once in awhile if it is overused. This happens to me quite often when I vape Apple Pie by Firebrand and get carried away in the tasty decadence.

Just set it down, preferably on a nonflammable surface. Give it a rest. Let your e cig have time to appreciate you before shoving it back into your mouth.

You could always switch the clearomizer with a different one while letting it take a break. The point is, if it begins to feel warm, you should let it cool down before warm turns into hot. That’s usually how I tell when I need to take a break from vaping too much.

5. Dry the Battery Before Charging

Best Electronic Cigarette

I like to use a Q-tip to dry condensation from my battery and atomizer.

In addition to vapor, electronic cigarettes also produce a small amount of condensation. Some of this condensation occurs right where the battery connects with the atomizer. This produces small drops of water on both ends.

Whenever you unscrew the atomizer from the battery, whether to switch tanks or recharge, it is a good idea to dry both the battery and the atomizer from any drops of condensation.

I personally like to use a Q-tip to dry the condensation, but you could also use a cotton ball or tissue paper.

It might only be a couple small drops of condensation, but water and electricity do not mix!

6. Use the Correct Charger

Only use the charger that came with your e cigarette or is 100% compatible with your e cigarette. I don’t know much about voltages or amps, but I do know that if you recharge a battery using a charger that isn’t meant for it, you could run the risk of having it overcharge.

Stick with using the charger meant for your e cigarette. Don’t mix and match parts from different e cigs.

7. Don’t Screw Too Tight

Best Electronic Cigarette

Only use the charger that is meant for your battery. Don’t screw it in too tight.

Get your mind out of the gutter! When you screw your e cigarette battery into the charger, take caution not to screw it in any tighter than necessary. Screwing in the battery tighter than you should could cause damage to the battery or the charger. Damage is never good.

Screw in the battery just tight enough for the indicator light to turn on.

8. Use an AC Adapter

It is much safer to charge your electronic cigarette by using an AC adapter to plug it into a wall outlet. If you charge your advanced e cigarette by using your laptop, that is one more electronic device within close proximity that could potentially overheat. If one device overheats, it could start a chain reaction with the other.

The only exception to this rule is when the e cigarette doubles as a pass-through. That means it has a feature where it can still be used while being plugged into your computer as it charges. The Revolver Talon batteries can be used as pass-throughs. I often use mine while I work on my computer.

9. Charge in a Clutter Free Area

Best Electronic Cigarette

Clear out the clutter around the area you will charge your battery. Especially get rid of paper!

Some of these should be common sense. But then again, there is a reason why warning labels exist.

Clear the area around the outlet of any clutter. This doesn’t apply to only e cigarettes. It’s just a general rule that the more clutter around an electrical outlet, the more chance of a fire hazard.

At least clear out an area big enough to charge your e cig. Get those scrap papers out of the way!

10. Charge on a Nonflammable Surface

This goes along with the tip about clearing up clutter. It is also more common sense. Make sure that while charging, your electronic cigarette rests on a nonflammable surface. It would not be wise to let your e cig charge while on top of cardboard, paper, carpet, or other easily flammable materials.

11. Do Not Leave Charging Unattended

I cannot stress enough how important it is to never leave your e cigarette unattended while is it charging. If you’re just going into the other room for a few minutes, you will probably be fine. But don’t leave your e cigarette on the charger for an extended period of time without checking up on it.

12. Unplug Before Going Out

This bit of advice goes along with the one above it, about not leaving your e cigarette unattended while it is charging. But it is so important that it deserved extra attention.

Before you leave the home, or wherever you are charging your e cig, double check to make sure that you have unplugged  any and all electronic cigarettes that were charging.

Even if you will only be gone for a few minutes, just take a minute to check your e cigarette and unplug it if necessary, before you go out that door.

13. Do Not Leave Charging Overnight

Best Electronic Cigarette

Goodnight, Moon. Goodnight, e cig charger.

This also can be grouped along with not leaving a charging battery unattended. But again, it deserves special attention.

Before you go to sleep, unplug your electronic cigarette.

E cigarettes don’t explode randomly for no reason. This tends to occur when an e cig is left charging unattended. So unplugging it before you go to sleep or leave the house will greatly reduce the chance of having an incident.

14. Do Not Let It Overcharge

The reason you don’t want to leave your e cigarette battery charging unattended is so that you can make sure that is does not overcharge. The majority of e cig fires happened while the e cigarette was charging. If the battery overcharges, it will become very hot, causing the combustion.

Whenever this happens, it is because the electronic cigarette was some cheap knock-off brand that doesn’t come with the auto-shut-off feature.

The best electronic cigarette brands, like Halo and Revolver, have e cig chargers that detect when the battery is fully charged and automatically shuts down.

15. Store in a Cool and Dry Location

By “cool” I don’t mean “chilly” or “cold.” I just mean that you wouldn’t want to leave anywhere too warm or hot like inside a car on a hot summer day. Generally speaking, if the temperature is in the 70’s (Fahrenheit), it will be okay. Even a little warmer or colder should be fine.

As a basic rule, if you feel physically comfortable in a room, then it should be safe to leave your e cigarette there.

In Conclusion

Fires caused by electronic cigarettes are very rare, which is why the media makes a big deal out of it when it does occur.

They are easily preventable by taking the necessary precautions when using them, and especially while charging them.

The fire prevention tips you just read are some of the biggest method to avoid fires, but the list is far from conclusive.

If you have any tips to add to this list, please contact us so that we may include it.

Be sure to check out our other Vaping Guides.

Keep on vaping!

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